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Melbourne Transport Chatbot Community

That's right, we built a chatbot for the Melbournian Community. You now have the freedom to chose whatever channel you would like to stay tuned with next Train and Tram departures.

You can use any of the following devices and apps


Amazon Echo Show

1. Details
2. You can say: "Alexa, open Melbourne Transport"


Amazon Echo

1. Details
2. You can say: "Alexa, open Melbourne Transport"


Google Home

You can say: "OK Google, talk to Melbourne Transport"



Facebook Messenger

1. Send a message

2. And say "Next train"



1. Add to Slack

2. Then, you can send a direct message to @melbourne_transport



1. Add to contact

2. Then you can send a direct message to the bot


You can send a message to @MelbourneTransportBot

or click here


Follow @MelbourneTransp

Then send a direct message.


click here to interact with the Chatbot 

Native mobile app

We will be happy to organise a demo upon request


Raspberry PI IOT Button

We will be happy to organise a demo upon request.


Contact Center

We will be happy to organise a demo upon request.

Why a community Project?

  1. FREEDOM - We wanted to provide new ways to check for public transport departure. There is no one size fits all. Some people like using voice based (e.g: Alexa / Google Home) when they are at home. They might use Facebook messenger when they are on the go, but while at work, might use Slack for example. That's why we offer a wide range of options on the application side.
  2. EXPERIMENTATION - We want to experiment different user experiences, get early feedback from users, and adapt the application quickly. 
  3. EVALUATE THE POSSIBILITIES - We are currently using four different platforms. That allows us to constantly evaluate what is in the market, build a solid know how, and offer the best option to customers with low risk.

Behind the Scenes - Integrations

We have used a variety of bot platforms, and integrated them seamelessly with our microservices running on AWS.

The bots are on version 1.0. We are working on version 2.0, which provides a much richer user experience.


Melbourne Transport FAQ

Yes, absolutely. It's entirely free. We look forward to hear your feedback, so we can improve our chatbot.

If you find any issues or have any suggestions, please send an email to

Yes, absolutely. We will be happy to assist you with our professional services, if you need a more detailed analysis or even if you want us to develop and manage your chatbot.




We have presence in Australia, Ireland and in the UK.